FonePal is a system developed to improve the experience of accessing call centers or helpdesks.

FonePal 2005 video

Known as "touchtone hell", voice menu navigation has long been recognized as a frustrating user experience due to the nature of voice presentation. In contrast, FonePal allows a user to scan and select from a visual menu at the user's own pace, typically much faster than waiting for the voice menus to be spoken. FonePal uses the Internet infrastructure, specifically Instant Messaging, to deliver a visual menu on a nearby computer screen simultaneously with the voice menu over the phone.

Our study shows that FonePal enables easier navigation of IVR phone tree, higher navigation speed, less routing error and greater satisfaction. FonePal can also seemlessly bridge the caller to searchable web knowledgebase, promoting relevant self-help, reducing call center operation cost.


Research Contacts: Shumin Zhai, Min Yin, or John Barton