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Command Strokes for menu selection

Shape Writer is an instance of "Geometric Pattern User Interfaces". In a GPUI, an array of elements are graphically laid out as a "visual map". A trace connecting a series of elements on the visual map forms an interaction "word". The machine system responds to the user's input by geometric pattern recognition, allowing for imperfect pen gestures. At first, novice users will write words by looking for and tracing through the individual elements on the map. With use, however, the traced patterns themselves are memorized so that the interaction process to the expert user shifts from recognition-based to recall-based.

"Words" in a GPUI can be words or phrases in natural languages, or abstract information or action we choose to represent. One example is commands in human-computer interaction that are traditionally represented by and selected from menu choices. We call the GPUI mechanism to issuing commands "Command Strokes" or "Gesture shortcuts"

For example, the figure on the right illustrates the command stroke "print", issued on the ATOMIK layout.
Issuing "print" command from ShapeWriter: Ctrl-p-r-i

GPUI can be applied to many other human-machine interfaces such as command and control systems.

Research Contacts: Shumin Zhai, Per-Ola Kristensson