Das große Wedeln, Innovativ: der "ShapeWriter"

("the image of science"). February, 2006 (Germany)

A sight for sore thumbs?
Dec 8th 2005, From The Economist print edition

Don't tap, trace

Eyal de Lara and Keith Farkas, October-December 2005. IEEE Pervasive

IBM shapes text entry

October 10, 2005 Ability Magazine

Close to Silicon Valley: Almaden, an IBM R&D Center, is a hotbed for the technologies that will prevail in coming years

October, 2005, Popular Mechanics

Memory key to PDA writing

David, Sep 12 2005, NewTech

Neues Eingabeverfahren soll digitales Schreiben erleichtern

Sep 6, 200, Stern Shortnews (Germany) 

Digitale Kalligrafie

Niels Boeing, Sep 1 2005 Die Zeit, wissenschaft-online (Germany)

"Total recall boosts PDA writing" Alfred Hermida, August 15, 2005

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"New Way of Writing - Text entry software spells relief for weary BlackBerry thumbs"
Mike Langberg, July 15, 2005

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"WHAT'S NEXT; Trying to Make the Pen as Mighty as the Keyboard" Aaron Ricadela Nov 11, 2004



"New-age keyboard: Trace, don't write" Michael Kanellos and Ina Fried, July 11, 2005

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"Pihuarvutikiirkiri" Arved Mahtra, Aug 22 2005
SL Ohtuleht (Estonia)

"IBM’s SHARK Shorthand for Handhelds Increases Input Efficiency" Aug 19 2005

"SHARK: eine revolutionäre Eingabemethode für Touchscreens" B. Albert, Aug 16 2005

Area Magazin (Germany)  

"IBM follows the script for text entry", Richard Wilson, Aug 16 2005

| Electronics Weekly 

"Do not ditch the stylus just yet" Clint Witchalls, 30 July 2005


"Shark tales from IBM's labs" James Watson 27 Jul 2005

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"Kurzschrift für Mini-Monitore" Von Gala Conrad und Rudi Kulzer, Montag, 25. Juli 2005

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"Skriv fortere med ord-grafitti" Arne Søiland 22.07 2005


"Vereinfachte Texteingabe für mobile Gerätef" Oliver Weiss, July 12, 2005

Computer Welt (German) 

"Neue Texteingabe: In Luft gemeißelt" ajf, July 12, 2005


"Cellulari sempre più «smart» con la tastiera virtuale" Alessandra Carboni, 13 July, 2005

Corriere della Sera 

"High-tech keyboard takes cue from Etch-a-Sketch" Michael Kanellos and Ina Fried, July 12, 2005

CNET.co.uk (UK) 

"Snabbare inmatning med 'stenografi'" Henrik Thoresson, July 13, 2005

Mobil (Swedish) 

"IBM Innovation Matters" July 13, 2005

| IBM Research CS Home Page w3.ibm.com "In the News"

"Snabbare textinmatning" Kim Bergström, April 22, 2005

Naturvetaren (Swedish) 

"Shark tale a new word for keyboard" November 16, 2004

Financial Review (Australia) 

"Shorthand-Aided Rapid Keyboarding" October 28, 2004


"Hjärnan bästa verktyget" Anders Lotsson, September 17, 2004

ComputerSweden (Swedish)

"Making more of handhelds" Dan Gillmor April 9, 2003

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